DUSTKEEPING A deceptive strategy

Denis Gielen

The project entitled Discreet Piece (dust in beam of light) consists in the exhibition of particles floating in the light beam of slide projector. In common with a soap film, this work repeats the displaying of the chaotic and barely measurable movements of matter. In Discreet Piece, like in many other experiments conducted since the laboratory has become a paradigm for production, Edith Dekyndt brings into play physical phenomena haphazardly collected. In a twofold process, she first stores visual and poetic data collected in the day to day activities- anecdotes, moments, images, ready-made stories. Then she works them over, both formally and technically, with a view to accurately re-create the conditions which she recorded during the first phase. Alone at Home provides a typical example of this approach. In this work, the bluish atmosphere of houses bathed in the stroboscopic light of their T.V. receivers is transposed to the exhibition space. This work, as impalpable as the dust particles drifting in the light of the projector, similarly reveals Edith Dekyndt’s interest for the context of representation wherein she reject spectacular images to focus of the surrounding ether. Whether the soap screen, the hot air from the projector or the flashes from the television tube, the questions of the vehicle of vision, of which intangibility is a necessary condition, comes to the for, instead of some projection or other taken from the outside. The artist agrees that her work is a deceptive one since the performance does not come up to the expectation of the public attending an art event. In using this diversion, Edith Dekyndt plays hide-and-seek with the onlooker. More instances can be found at the Or Gallery in Vancouver, where she erased the showcase glass so as to frost it softly; in Mexico City where her work consisted in creating a strip running along the floor, the walls and the ceiling of the Themistocles Gallery by cleaning this surfaces with the utmost possible care as if according to a rule book.